Skin fitness: CO-Q10 and Pep Lifting Peptide

Coenzyme Q10, Pep Lifting Peptide and more to come!

CO-Q10 and PEP Lifting Peptide the Skin Superheroes. Here when you need them the most to sustain, frame, strengthen, contour, protect, defend. Skin feels empowered and ready to take on environmental stress and the natural effects of aging. Your best ally -along with plenty of water and sleep and a natural, well-balanced diet for keeping your face and neck in their places.

So who are these Superheroes and what are they about? On the outside, they are cute and small and you just want to take them home and display them in your bathroom. In the inside, they are truly BADASS! Here is why:

Natural Skin Care Lifting Peptide
PEP Lifting Peptide

PEP Lifting Peptide

Peptides -which are fragments of proteins- help revitalize the  skin’s building blocks so it becomes more resilient to damaging environmental factors and our own excesses, such as insufficient sleep and water and too much salt. Sweet  almonds, used by the ancient Romans for skin care, soften and smooth your skin, while helping to balance the skin’s moisture  levels. Imagine a shield that adheres to your skin to create an immediate lifting  and anti-wrinkle effect! Skin is left feeling firm, contoured and  satiny smooth.  Just add a drop to your favorite toner (We recommend Essentique´s Bloom) and apply to cleansed face

Natural Skin Care skin fitness
Coenzyme Q10

CO-Q10 with Vitamin E & C (CoQ10)

is a vitamin-like substance produced naturally in our bodies that helps to protect collagen and elastin by neutralizing skin-damaging free radicals. Advancing age, stress and environmental factors can decrease levels of CoQ10, resulting in a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Daily topical use of CoQ10 may promote healthy, younger-looking skin that feels firmer. CoQ10 also benefits the skin by acting as an antioxidant, further reducing the appearance of skin aging and wrinkle formation. Just add a drop to your favorite moisturizer (we recommend Essentique’s Elevate, Line-Break for women or NV for men) and apply after toning your skin.

For best results, give yourself an Eishodo facial massage, which stimulates circulation and acts as a natural lift for skin and is Japanese women´s secret (well, not so secret anymore) for a youthful appearance.


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  1. Hi dear! It’s really good to read your article about caring skins with excellent SUPERHEROS. Yes, these two real superheroes who fight to heal our skin from acne, scars, and anti-aging. Hope you will continue this kind of shares.

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