A New (and Blue!) Euphoria

Essentique’s hair wash, Euphoric, heightens the senses to a euphoric state. Featuring Blue lotus extract, rice protein, plant keratin, and aloe vera gel, this wash works (and smells) like nothing you’ve seen before. 

Blue lotus extract provides natural hydration and contains many beneficial compounds. If used regularly, it turns dry, brittle, and dull hair into soft, smooth, and shining locks. Not only that, but blue lotus is known to repair damaged ends and smells incredible too! Rice protein is a vegetable protein. Because of its high numbers of amino acids, it proves to be quite beneficial to the hair. It is an ideal ingredient in skin care products designed for individuals that are sensitive and allergy prone. Proven to increase total hair volume by up to 32%, this ingredient adds natural shine and highlights to the hair. It increases the hair’s ability to bind moisture, therefore increasing the flexibility and health of the hair itself. 

Plant keratin is another exceptional ingredient; it consists of hydrolyzed proteins derived from wheat, corn, and soybeans that enhance conditioning properties and moisturization during application. It also provides anti-irritant benefits that help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Finally, we have aloe vera gel. Commonly used to soothe sunburns, aloe serves many different beneficial purposes. It contains proteolytic enzymes which continually repair dead skin cells on the scalp, important for relief of itchy scalps and dandruff reduction. It stimulates hair growth and rejuvenates the hair with its nutrients, preventing breakage and leaving your hair rejuvenated. Not only that, but it also improves the skin’s ability to hydrate itself, making for a happier, healthy scalp!

 This light formulation hair wash targets those with normal to dry hair, so if your locks are in desperate need of help, look no further than Essentique’s Euphoric hair wash!

By Mary Racz

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