Hair Anatomy: Why do I get Split Ends?

Hair Split Ends

Hair consists of an outer layer called the cuticle and an inner layer called the cortex. One of the functions of the outer layer is to protect the inner cortex. As the hair grows and gets longer it is exposed to different environmental stressors. This includes excessive washing, combing, overheating by using hair dryers, flat […]

Adding an uplifting touch!

In our previous blog we talked about some key ingredients in Uplift such as Fruit Enzymes, Argan Oil and 100% Natural Saponins. Here we would like to explain some other wonderful ingredients in this lovely facial cleanser. To address acne prone skin, a specialty naturally derived blend, featuring Saw Palmetto and Juniper Fruit extracts, was […]

Lorry Driver’s Skin

A 69-year-old man, a lorry driver for 28 years, with damaged skin on the left side of his face that was exposed to the sun. NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Yes, this is what sun can do to your face! UV radiation can be quite damaging to our skin. What it does is it can […]

Conjugated Linolenic Acid in Pomegranate

CLA in pomegranate

Fractionated laser therapy is a procedure that helps with correcting fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing scars and softening marks and repairing skin discoloration and sun spots.. It can have a quite dramatic effect on skin. However it is usually associated with post-treatment erythema, edema and crusting that can last up to two weeks. Research has […]

Lakshmi Perfume Mist

Lakshmi perfume mist

I created Lakshmi in 2019 when Alka Joshi the author of the book asked me to develop a scent for her book. I never got a chance to write a blog about it, but now with all the excitement around this wonderful book I thought the perfume deserves an introductory blog! Lakshmi, is inspired by […]

Do you double cleanse?!

One of my favorite skin care regimen is double cleansing. You may ask what the heck is “double cleansing!?” Double cleansing is a back to back cleansing! I like to do double cleansing at night to make sure my skin is clear of what is left on it after a long day. I like to […]

Pomegranate: Crown Jewel of Fruits

It’s Pomegranate season and perfect time to talk about the exceptional qualities of this rich and elegant oil. Pomegranate, Punica granatum, contains high levels of Punicic acid (74%), a long chain omega-5 fatty acid that is named after the pomegranate; Punica. Punicic acid is a conjugated fatty acid with a high biological effect that makes […]

Shades of Natural

Shades of Natural Having been in the beauty industry for a while, owning a natural beauty brand, and making my own products in my own lab in small batches, one thing I always ask people who step in my Palo Alto boutique is what natural haircare or skincare means to them. What do they expect […]

Our Passion for Passion

The passion flower plant is native to South America and Africa (but also found in Australia and Hawaii). Also called maracuja, passion fruit is sweet and tart, with a soft, juicy interior filled with seeds. Those seeds are pressed to make oils and butters, which maintain a slightly fruity, nutty scent. Rich in vitamins and […]


If you’ve been to Essentique or read our blogs, you’d know that essential oils are a centric part of our products. Aromatherapy has many benefits in relaxation, fighting stress, and relieving mental exhaustion. But what makes essential oils so beneficial in upkeeping our health? A big part of the reason is ketones. Ketones are chemical […]

Pétale: Facial serum with orchid milk

What is a facial serum? What makes it different from a moisturizer? Do I need one? How do I use it? When do I use it? If you’re at all into skincare, you’ve probably asked yourself at least one of these questions before. And I get it. I’ve been there, and serums are confusing. Serums […]

Sesquiterpenes: /ˌseskwəˈtərpēn/

Maybe you’re new to the world of essential oils, or maybe you’ve been using them for year. Either way, how much do you know about what they’re made of at the chemical level? One of the key compounds in essential oils is sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes are generally colorless, insoluble in water, and are more aromatic and […]