Clean Clay 2.0
Posted by editor | March 10, 2020
Clean Clay 2.0

Face masks are the ideal treatment for various skin care concerns, and Essentique’s Clean Clay facial masque is an excellent choice for detoxifying the skin. Made with several kinds of...

Posted by editor | March 8, 2020
Sanitize your hands with Sanità

There’s a lot of worry and fear going around our community and the world right now regarding the coronavirus. Some of this fear is well-founded, and although there’s a lot we...

Posted by editor | March 4, 2020
Aromaceuticals in Reine

Reine contains four essential oils: Cistus, Helichrysum, Carrot Seed, and Rose Geranium. These four were hand-picked to complement each other and the other ingredients in the oil. Let’s look into...

Posted by editor | February 18, 2020
Geranium Flowers Aren’t Just For Your Garden

The geranium flower is a beautiful addition to any garden. Its bright red or pink color adds a pop of freshness among a bed of green, and it’s easy to...

Posted by editor | February 11, 2020
How it’s Made: Essential Oil Edition

As you browse the Essentique site or the boutique’s shelves for essential oils and blends, the question must have crossed your mind; what exactly is an essential oil and how...

Posted by editor | February 5, 2020
For Those Who Love Facial Oils As Much As We Do…

Everyone knows how much we love our oils at Essentique, so you may be excited to hear we have a new facial oil serum in the works called Reine. Currently...

Skin health
Posted by editor | January 28, 2020
Fact or Fiction: Skin Damage Accumulates When We Are Young

When you were a kid did your parents ever slather you in sunscreen or scold you to take better care of your skin? Well, many of their concerns were actually...

Posted by editor | January 21, 2020
Is Eye Cream Really Necessary?

From a young age, I remember seeing my mom buy these expensive tiny pots of ultra thick creams just to put under her eyes at night. From then on I,...

Posted by editor | January 14, 2020
Steady Heart, Steady Mind

Everyone has those lazy mornings where you feel sluggish or too tired to take on the day just yet. Maybe you woke up late or the prospect of all the...

Posted by editor | January 7, 2020
Relinquish Tension with Agonease

Pain, soreness, muscle spasms, stress—all of these phenomena are certainly unpleasant, and they are circumstances that we all must endure at some point in our lives. Whether you are top...

Skin Care Routine
Posted by editor | December 24, 2019
Why You Should Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine

It’s easy to find something you love and stick with it. We are creatures of habit so it’s not uncommon to want to establish routine. Especially when it comes to...

Coconut Derived Preservative
Posted by editor | December 17, 2019
What’s Inside: Caprylhydroxamic Acid GG

In the natural beauty community, one of the many ingredients people avoid are preservatives. We have all heard the many dangers of preservatives in our food, skin, and hair care....


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