Posted by editor | January 21, 2020
Is Eye Cream Really Necessary?

From a young age, I remember seeing my mom buy these expensive tiny pots of ultra thick creams just to put under her eyes at night. From then on I,...

Posted by editor | January 14, 2020
Steady Heart, Steady Mind

Everyone has those lazy mornings where you feel sluggish or too tired to take on the day just yet. Maybe you woke up late or the prospect of all the...

Posted by editor | January 7, 2020
Relinquish Tension with Agonease

Pain, soreness, muscle spasms, stress—all of these phenomena are certainly unpleasant, and they are circumstances that we all must endure at some point in our lives. Whether you are top...

Skin Care Routine
Posted by editor | December 24, 2019
Why You Should Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine

It’s easy to find something you love and stick with it. We are creatures of habit so it’s not uncommon to want to establish routine. Especially when it comes to...

Coconut Derived Preservative
Posted by editor | December 17, 2019
What’s Inside: Caprylhydroxamic Acid GG

In the natural beauty community, one of the many ingredients people avoid are preservatives. We have all heard the many dangers of preservatives in our food, skin, and hair care....

Posted by editor | December 16, 2019
Holly Jolly

Often times, the holiday season can mean being bombarded by seasonal products, all vying for your attention. Seeing all the new holiday scents, foods, and products companies roll out can...

Posted by editor | December 10, 2019
Fight Flu Season Naturally

The approaching colder months may mean more cozy sweaters and hearty food, but it also means cold and flu season is upon us. Whether you’ve already come down with a...

Posted by editor | December 5, 2019
Say Aloha to AloeVa

Are you getting sick of dry, frizzy hair? Essentique has the answer to your prayers. AloeVa, one of our prized hair washes, is a great solution to dry, unbalanced, and...

Blush Super Hydrosol
Posted by editor | November 27, 2019
Coming Soon: Blush the Super Hydrosol

Although I love all of Essentique’s meticulously formulated creams, lotions, and oils that line the shelves, I have always been drawn to the simple wall of hydrosols inside the boutique....

Autumn Spice
Posted by editor | November 26, 2019
Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

As much as aroma can be a personal experience, it is also one to be shared with others. The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to diffuse Essentique’s warm...

Posted by editor | November 19, 2019
A New (and Blue!) Euphoria

Essentique’s hair wash, Euphoric, heightens the senses to a euphoric state. Featuring Blue lotus extract, rice protein, plant keratin, and aloe vera gel, this wash works (and smells) like nothing...

Posted by editor | November 12, 2019

Whether you are soaking up the California sun or retiring to comfortable and secluded shade, experience the personalities of summer with Délicat, a new and invigorating essential oil blend from...


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