Natural Skin Care skin fitness
Posted by mondonna | July 14, 2017
Skin fitness: CO-Q10 and Pep Lifting Peptide

Coenzyme Q10, Pep Lifting Peptide and more to come! CO-Q10 and PEP Lifting Peptide the Skin Superheroes. Here when you need them the most to sustain, frame, strengthen, contour, protect,...

natural vegan hair wash
Posted by mondonna | July 4, 2017
A Chemist’s Experience of Dew be Dew at Essentique

Dew be Dew is super gentle What happens when you mistakenly pick up the wrong bottle of liquid soap to wash your hands?  We’ve all done it, right?  And, usually,...

Posted by mondonna | June 30, 2017
Luminescence: A natural gentle hand & body polish with walnut shell

Luminescence Summer means peeling off layers of clothes we no longer need. Out go the coats, jackets, long sleeves, pants, boots and closed shoes.  In come short sleeves, skirts, bathing...

Hydrosol, Aromatherapy
Posted by mondonna | June 21, 2017
Summer Hydrosols, the natural 100% pure herbal waters from the plants and flowers

Experience the herbal water of the plants and flowers Summer is upon us, and the need to keep cool is more urgent than ever! Our hydrosols offer the perfect way...

Posted by mondonna | June 13, 2017
Sneeze Relief Blend

ACHOOOOOOOO!!!! Trees and plants in bloom, bees flying from flower to flower, crisp air under the sunny skies. Short sleeves and longer days. And yes, polen, sneezes and red eyes...

Posted by Essentique | June 6, 2017
Glow Peach Facial Night

Private Event When: Thursday June 8th at 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Where: Essentique, 2417 Park Blvd. Palo Alto Dear ladies! Thanks so much for bidding on Facial Night with...

Posted by mondonna | June 2, 2017

Lift. Tone. Minimize sagging. We are talking about your face, not your derriére. And it´s all in a bottle. Our luxurious firming cream will help you keep your face in...

Posted by Essentique | May 27, 2017
Our Monthly Gift to You!

GET FRESH WITH US! Win a freshly-made product for your hair, face or body! Every month, Mondonna, the founder of Essentique, creates various products in small batches to ensure freshness....

Posted by Essentique | February 28, 2017
Chlorophyll Facial Night at Essentique

Celebrate and rejuvenate your body, inside and out. Treat yourself to one of our Facial Night events at Essentique with a group of your besties, or by yourself! You’ll enjoy healthy,...

Posted by mondonna | December 19, 2016
A Gift to Inspire the Senses

Essentique has created a selection of essential oil gift boxes that will soothe the soul and inspire the senses - just in time for the holiday season.  Using only the...

Posted by Essentique | November 11, 2016

Essentique’s boutique front is on Park Boulevard near the corner of California Avenue in Palo Alto’s other downtown. The area is peppered with small, vibrant businesses and alive with the...


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