Candles have many purposes—helping you relax after a stressful day, decorating the table for a dinner party, setting the mood with your special someone, providing light during a power outage, or celebrating. Essentique’s upcoming all natural, soy candle, Candela, scented with natural pure rose essential oil, is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of products. 

Why should you choose soy candles? There are many different types of wax used in commercial products, the most common being paraffin wax. Paraffin is the least expensive and may seem like the best choice, but this is far from true. First, soy wax candles burn for far longer than paraffin candles, so you can get more enjoyment from the same size candle. Soy wax is also derived from natural vegetables, whereas paraffin is a refined gasoline by-product, and so is 100% biodegradable (whereas paraffin is not) and helps to protect your natural beauty and our wonderful Earth. On top of all of that, soy wax is superior to paraffin in releasing fragrance, due to the lack of toxins and chemicals that are typically released in paraffin during the burning process. Soy wax is clearly the better option in terms of performance, appearance, and safety when it comes to choosing the right candle. 

Essential oils are pure plant extracts used in scenting, flavoring, and even healing through aromatherapy. Oftentimes, commercial products are scented with fragrance oils, which are synthetically produced chemical scent compounds. To launch Candela we decided to go with the most luxurious scent: Rose. Rose oil eases anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms, providing relaxation in stressful times. Rose is most commonly known, however, for its romantic association. Both the flower and scent are aphrodisiacs, and a rose scented candle is the perfect way to set the mood!

While this lovely rose scented candle is the first of its kind to reach Essentique’s shelves, it will definitely not be the last, so keep an eye out for the many more magnificent scents to come. Do yourself and our Earth a favor by choosing Essentique, and regardless of where you are in life, celebrate all the beautiful things, including yourself, with Candela.     

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