Facial Night: Celebrating Your Natural Beauty

Celebrate and rejuvenate your body inside and out with a relaxing fun night alongside seven of your closest friends or organized a team bonding event for your group of employee at work. The team at Essentique, a health and beauty boutique in Palo Alto, will pamper you in artisanal products made onsite and will guide you into discovering your natural beauty.

You will enjoy a healthy buffet of the finest seasonal ingredients from the Palo Alto farmer’s market before unwinding into a nourishing treatment for your face and hands. Throughout the evening, indulge in refreshments full of antioxidants, Essential fatty acids, and zinc. Hydrate with fruit-infused water and find your center over a warm cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine.

Explore the different ways to care for your skin while the team cooks a fresh mask for you to apply. They will guide you through an uplifting oil treatment for your hands followed by a hand massage by a professional masseur that will leave your skin feeling supple and healthy. Cleanse, exfoliate, detox, nourish and moisturize to unveil radiant and healthy skin.

The boutique is peaceful and inviting, with several environmental touches including a large living wall of fresh, green life. Wind down, connect, and uncover the spirit and beauty inside you. Reimagine Girls’ Night Out for your next celebration.


  • Facial night for up to 8 guests
  • Hand massage by a professional masseur
  • Healthy buffet, refreshments, tea and wine provided
  • One special goodie bag of Essentique products for every participant
  • 15% discount on all products that night


  • Held at Essentique boutique from 6:30-8:00 PM on a mutually agreeable date if purchase as a group.
  • Theme and personalized ingredients to be decided prior to the event for a perfect experience (examples: Peach for Vitamin C and Cucumber for Hydration)
  • We also arrange facial nights that can be purchased as individuals. If you are interested contact the boutique or email us and we inform you of upcoming facial night.

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