Food-grade Beauty

One of Essentique’s core values that we have is that we strive to give our customers only the best ingredients. One way that we deliver on this promise is by ensuring that our ingredients are food-grade. This means that many ingredients in our products are derived from edible ones. For example, in our products, instead of placing isolated Vitamin C, we use camu camu extract, which is extremely high in Vitamin C (it contains approximately 30 times more Vitamin C than oranges). Isolated Vitamin C is generally very unstable in skincare formulations, but getting it from food-grade ingredients like camu camu makes it more stable.

We also often use whole fruits and vegetables in our products, so you can get all their benefits for your skin and hair. It is similar to how you get more nutrients by eating the whole apple than by drinking apple juice. Quench is made with watermelon, AloeVa with guava, Supermasque with papaya, Fenominal with fenugreek, and Vipaka with herbs and amalaki fruit. Try one today!

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