Essentique Manifesto:


  1. We believe passion is contagious.
  2. We believe in taking a lunch break no matter how busy life gets.
  3. We believe everyone should try a facial oil cleansing at least once.
  4. We believe if you’re not early, you’re late.
  5. We believe Waldo does not want to be found, and should be left alone.
  6. We believe less is more.
  7. We believe in kind thoughts, kind words, kind actions.
  8. We believe in taking time during the day to breathe, reflect and meditate.
  9. We believe in shopping local.
  10. We believe in firm hugs and eye contact (not at the same time).
  11. We believe in our body’s own healing power.
  12. We believe you can get high on giving love, but you will never OD on it.
  13. We believe in heavy lifting for women and yoga for men.
  14. We believe in playing fragrances like you play music.
  15. We believe when you create something, a piece of you resides in that creation.

Albert Einstein said “creativity is intelligence having fun.” Go forth, and have fun. Creativity will follow.


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