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Facial Night At Essentique

Celebrate and rejuvenate your body, inside and out. Come to Facial Night at Essentique with a group of your besties, or by yourself! You’ll enjoy healthy, delicious snacks before relaxing into a nourishing facial for your skin and hair.

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Red LED light

Helight (Red LED Light 635nm) Session

Did you know that humans can do something a lot like photosynthesis? We are sensitive to light, and our cells can get energy from it. Red light triggers release of oxygen ions and the production of ATP, the main source of energy of our cells, mobilizing the natural processes of body repair. The Helight emits red LED light, at exactly the wavelength (635 nm) best picked up by the photoreceptors in our cells. The light from the Helight does not have any harmful UV or InfraRed light, is very low intensity, and does not emit heat, so it does not pose any danger for the body or the retina, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of sun exposure without its disadvantages. It is natural and non-invasive, with no side effects and no pain. 

Helight’s red light can work all kinds of wonders.

  • Fight skin aging, wrinkles, and cellulite
  • Lose fat
  • Increase strength, endurance, and muscle mass
  • Decrease pain
  • Combat hair loss
  • Speed up wound/injury healing
  • Overcome fatigue and improve energy levels and mood
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Mix & Mingle: a scentsational evening at Essentique

Treat yourself and inspire your senses with Essentique. Schedule your private Essential Oil Blending night with a group of your best friends for a memorable fun evening!

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PEMF Vascular Therapy Session

Poor blood circulation is often at the root of chronic pain, illness and other physical discomforts. Our circulatory system carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and carries waste away. Without this, cells’ metabolic processes become dysfunctional, which leads to cell, tissue, and organ dysfunction. PEMF, Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation, aims to target and improve circulation before it leads to serious health issues while supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes, by increasing the circulation in microvessels. PEMF devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field to deliver a patented therapeutic signal that activates muscles around the veins, leading to increased contractions of microvessels. Targeting microcirculation increases overall well-being and has many specific benefits. 

  • Promotes good sleep
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce pain and fatigue
  • Increase cellular regeneration, accelerating tissue recovery from injury
  • Improve performance during workouts
  • Reduce soreness and speed up recovery after workouts 
  • Increase alertness, concentration, mental acuity
  • Improve digestion

If you are interested in purchasing your own PEMF device please click here or contact us @6508007375 for demo.

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