Contains 100% pure essential oils in organic jojoba oil 5ml / .17 fl oz – Miron glass


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Aromatic family: Citrus balsamic, soft earthy

Core notes: Bronia, Mimosa, Black Pepper

Éternité, when applied to the skin, captivates, lingers and evolves. The scent surrounds you, holds you close until it dips you like a sensual dance with your beloved. As the music changes, so does the aroma. The rich and warm floral-like scent of Boronia is relaxing and aphrodisiac. Violet reinforces the calm by comforting the nervous system. Sandalwood is balancing and healing. Lime Peel and Bergamot are sweetly uplifting and cleansing. The woody-floral scent of mimosa is calming and centering. These notes blend to create lasting harmony.

Inspire your senses with Essentique.

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