Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

Autumn Spice

As much as aroma can be a personal experience, it is also one to be shared with others. The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to diffuse Essentique’s warm and cozy oil blend known as Autumn Spice, to serve as the backdrop for memorable Thanksgiving gatherings. 

Inclusions such as cinnamon bark, amber, vanilla extract, nutmeg, allspice, Australian sandalwood, clove, and cardamom come together to form the rich, sweet, and comforting spice-filled aroma Autumn Spice is known for; reminiscent of heaping slices of pumpkin pie and warm mugs. However, additional and zesty oils such as, ginger, sweet and bitter orange, and lemon, add a touch of brightness to break up the rich mix. 

Autumn Spice is a complex yet familiar oil blend, ideal to complement those delicious coma-inducing meals with family and friends. Aroma powerfully accompanies many of our most cherished memories. Often just a whiff of a known scent can vividly evoke some of our fondest recollections. Smell is even called a trigger for our “emotional brain” and is closely tied to how we process our feelings through memory. Autumn Spice was blended to not only evoke existing memories of comforting Thanksgiving meals, but to also become a reminder of all the special ones yet to come.

By Rojean Janzad

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