We’ve all heard of Lipids, but what is a Liposome? Liposomes are particles formed by lipids that act as a means of transportation for vitamins. This means that they allow nutrients to penetrate the hair and skin, ensuring that they reach deeper in the body. This process maximizes moisturization to cells that may have been neglected. There are many different types of vitamin liposomes that serve different purposes but share one common goal: To heal and protect. 

Essentique’s Eggcel shampoo makes hair not only look good, but feel good too. This product contains Biotin liposome which promotes healthy hair growth. Also known as B7, biotin reinforces the structure of the hair’s natural keratin protein. It protects damaged and thin hair from environmental stressors while maintaining the hair’s natural flexibility. This combination creates silky, strong, healthy hair. Packed with vitamins and proteins, Eggcel rejuvenates the hair and makes it fuller and softer. 

Another type of Liposome found at Essentique is CoEnzyme Q10. Also called CoQ10, it occurs naturally in the body and is crucial to good health. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes harmful free radicals and combats premature skin aging. Many factors contribute to the loss of CoQ10 in the body, including aging and stress, and it can be detrimental to the skin. When the body is deprived, it loses the ability to effectively produce collagen and elastin, resulting in damaged skin. Part of the skin fitness line at Essentique, CoQ10 is a necessity in daily skin care. 

Liposomes play a key role in maintaining healthy skin and hair, and contribute to a healthier, more confident individual.

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